Filters & Art

Does a photo filter ‘enhance’ a photo? Is it more ‘real’? Why are some photos more interesting than others?.

A straight camera shot – not cropped, not ‘enhanced’, isn’t that the most real?

After working with the 230 filters in Rift-Effex 2.3, I’ve started to understand that the term ‘filter’ is perfect for the artistic purpose. The direct machine representation in a picture has too much for our eyes and mind to fully take it.

Frankly – our brains need to simplify in so many ways. Reduce to shapes, reduce to recognizable objects, interpret the colors, find meaning in complexity.

Reduce, simplify, filter, focus, reveal out of the enormous sensations of perception the elements that resonate. And provide the pleasure of sensing beauty.

As they say.. the possibilities are ‘endless’….

Rift-Effex Version 2.3 is about to be released. Hope you enjoy it!!


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