Art & the Photo

The sense of beauty is a perception of our minds. Is there inherent beauty in nature?.. I don’t think so.. It is the process of perceiving that is the magic and photos (some) have a magic.

The photo has captured an instant that we perceive in so many different ways. The filters of Rift-Effex will bring out a visual element that has always been in the image. Rifting into the visual elements shown by one or some combination of filters brings to the forefront of perception something that has always been there.

Yes.. it is Art. I hope you find beauty in all your images…


Coming next to Rift-Effex will be a TVOS player.. Make it big !! Right now you can airPlay to the Apple TV. Running effects directly on the Apple TV should be much higher visual quality.

Finally, sharing ways to make these effects is also on the list. I hope to set up a public database for filter stacks.. The share is not for images, rather the receipt for new paint or palettes on your images. With over two hundred filters in thousands of combinations and creative minds.. we should see some amazing things in the share.

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