Version 2.2

Tone Curve Kaleidoscope Dissolve

Rift-Effex 2.2 is now on the Apple App Store for both iPad & iPhone.

Cool new features include ‘Sequenced Filter‘, a new Transition Filter. Rift-Effex, unlike most photo editing apps, fully supports transition which provides a moving continual display.

Sequenced Filter provides a remarkable view of aspects of your images that are brought out by each filter.

Using the Sequenced Filter has brought to me the insight that filters actually are visually highlighting the same image features of our mental process of perception. Line, shape, mass, color, dynamic space, saliency all play a role in our perception of an image. Using a sequence of filters that highlight each of these image elements brings these to a conscious level of insight.

Then there’s the Convolution family of filters in all their many variants.. 3×3, 5×5, 7×7, 1×9 and RGB (that’s Red, Green, Blue channels). Yes, what is ‘Convolution’ ? – it’s a pixel neighbor summing function that as the Apple doc says “You can create many types of image processing effects using different weight matrices, such as blurring, sharpening, edge detection, translation, and embossing.”

Tone Curve is yet another amazing filter that brings startling jump out vivid colors to an image… Try it !!

Will L-B

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